Giải đề Speaking dự đoán 2023 chủ đề Speaking Part 3. Break

25 Tháng Năm, 2023 | 5 lượt xem

Bộ đề IELTS Speaking dự đoán 2023 với hơn 50 chủ đề và câu trả lời mẫu giúp các bạn tăng cơ hội đạt IELTS Speaking 7 +. Rất nhiều chủ đề sẽ được lặp lại từ quý này sang quý khác. Universal Language Center tặng bạn câu trả lời mẫu IELTS speaking band 7+ với các cụm từ dễ nhớ nhất, dễ thuộc nhất và 01 thành ngữ ăn điểm với từng chủ đề IELTS Speaking Forecast.

Bí quyết luyện IELTS speaking hiệu quả:
Bước 1. Đọc câu trả lời mẫu
Bước 2. Ghi chú các cụm từ và thành ngữ
Bước 3. Quay video tự nói theo cách riêng của mình sử dụng các từ vựng đã note
Bước 4. Xem lại video và sửa các lỗi cần thiết


1. Is it important to have a break during work or study?

Absolutely. Taking breaks allows for rest and rejuvenation, which can improve focus, productivity, and overall well-being. This enhances mental clarity, reduces stress levels, and prevents burnout. Breaks also provide an opportunity to engage in other activities, socialise, or simply relax, which contributes to a healthy life. 

  • Absolutely: đương nhiên rồi
  • Rest and rejuvenation: nghỉ ngơi và hồi sức
  • Productivity: hiệu suất
  • Prevents burnout: ngăn chặn sự quá tải

2. What sport do young people like to do now?

I see a wide range of sports that young people participate in nowadays. Popular choices include football, basketball, swimming, and martial arts, to name a few. Some also practice yoga, jogging, or cycling as forms of fitness. I guess sports preferences may vary depending on personal interests, cultural influences, and availability of facilities and resources. For example, there are few 

  • a wide range of : rất nhiều
  • participate in : tham gia
  • vary: thay đổi
  • facilities : cơ sở vật chất

3. Are there more activities for young people now than 20 years ago?

I would say so. With advancements in technology, increased access to information, and evolving social trends, young people have a wider range of options to choose from. There are more opportunities for recreational activities, sports, hobbies, artistic pursuits, and cultural events. Additionally, the internet and social media platforms have opened doors to virtual communities, online gaming, and digital entertainment, expanding the choices available for leisure activities.

  • evolving social trends; xu hướng xã hội liên tục thay đổi
  • recreational activities: hoạt động giải trí
  •  virtual communities: cộng đồng online (ảo)
  •  digital entertainment: giải trí điện tử/trực tuyến

4. Can most people balance work and life in Vietnam?

It’s challenging to strike a balance between work and life in Vietnam, just like everywhere else. It is due to factors such as demanding work hours, intense competition, and cultural expectations of dedication to work. However, I see that our governments and businesses are making efforts to promote work-life harmony and well-being, such as implementing flexible work arrangements, encouraging leisure activities, and raising mental health awareness.

  • strike a balance between work and life (idiom) tìm kiếm sự cân bằng giữa công việc và cuộc sống
  •  intense competition: cạnh tranh gay gắt
  • making efforts to V: nỗ lực làm gì
  • flexible: linh hoạt

5. What activities do children and adults do nowadays?

Nowadays, every generation engages in a wide range of activities depending on their interests, age, lifestyle, and resources. As far as I can tell, children tend to take part in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, dance, and academic enrichment programs. The options are more varied for adults. Apart from fitness, they may join social gatherings, cultural events, volunteer, go on vacation, and pursue personal interests like reading, writing, and creative endeavors. And I’d say having a picnic is the most common family activity.

  • take part in : tham gia vào
  • academic enrichment programs: chương trình học nâng cao
  • social gatherings: tụ tập bạn bè, giao lưu xã hội

6. Do adults and children have enough time for leisure activities nowadays?

There’s no one right answer across cultures. If we are talking about Vietnam, and specifically in the more populated areas, adults may have a lot of spare time, but I suspect kids don’t. They can’t have enough time away from adult-centered, organized activities. Their parents tend to over-subscribe them to offer them a variety of experiences and teach them vague lessons about group cooperation and following directions. I’ve seen how quickly it turns into no time for reading for pleasure, or practicing music for fun since everything seems to be devoted to schoolwork. As a result, it’s impossible for these kids to have a whole day to let their hair down. 

  • adult-centered, organized activities: các hoạt động có tổ chức, lấy người lớn làm trung tâm
  • vague lessons: bài học mơ hồ
  •  reading for pleasure: đọc sách để giải trí
  • devoted to: dành cho

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