Giải đề Speaking dự đoán 2023 chủ đề Speaking Part 3. Actors and Actress

24 Tháng Năm, 2023 | 15 lượt xem

Bộ đề IELTS Speaking dự đoán 2023 với hơn 50 chủ đề và câu trả lời mẫu giúp các bạn tăng cơ hội đạt IELTS Speaking 7 +. Rất nhiều chủ đề sẽ được lặp lại từ quý này sang quý khác. Universal Language Center tặng bạn câu trả lời mẫu IELTS speaking band 7+ với các cụm từ dễ nhớ nhất, dễ thuộc nhất và 01 thành ngữ ăn điểm với từng chủ đề IELTS Speaking Forecast.

Bí quyết luyện IELTS speaking hiệu quả:
Bước 1. Đọc câu trả lời mẫu
Bước 2. Ghi chú các cụm từ và thành ngữ
Bước 3. Quay video tự nói theo cách riêng của mình sử dụng các từ vựng đã note
Bước 4. Xem lại video và sửa các lỗi cần thiết


1. Are the actors or actresses very interested in their work? Why?

I would say most actors and actresses are deeply passionate about their work. One popular reason is that acting allows them to express themselves creatively, explore different characters, and engage with compelling stories. Secondly, the craft of acting tends to challenge them intellectually and emotionally, promoting continuous growth. 

  • deeply passionate about: rất đam mê
  • compelling : thú vị, hấp dẫn
  •  intellectually and emotionally: trí tuệ và cảm xúc

2. Is being a professional actor or actress a good career?

Acting is not my cup of tea at all but I guess it can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for those who have a genuine interest in the art form. However, it is critical to acknowledge that this field can be highly competitive and unpredictable, with obstacles such as auditioning, securing roles, and maintaining a stable income. Success in the acting industry often requires perseverance, resilience, and a combination of talent, training, and opportunities.

  • not my cup of tea (idiom) không phải sợ thích
  • fulfilling and rewarding: trọn vẹn và hài lòng
  • competitive and unpredictable,: cạnh tranh và khó lượng
  • obstacle: thách thức
  • resilience: sự cứng cỏi

3. What can children learn from acting?

Playing on stage can provide children with valuable life skills and experiences. Through acting, children can develop self-confidence, public speaking skills, creativity, empathy, teamwork, and the ability to interpret and communicate emotions effectively. It allows them to explore different perspectives, understand diverse characters and cultures, and cultivate their imagination. Acting also fosters self-expression and helps children build a strong sense of identity and self-awareness.

  • Self-confidence: sự tự tin
  •  Public speaking skills: kỹ năng nói trước đám đông
  •  Creativity: sự sáng tạo
  •  Empathy: sự cảm thông

4. Why do children like special costumes?

I’m not sure. It’s probably because certain outfits used in acting provide them a sense of transformation. Wearing costumes allows children to step into the shoes of their characters, enhancing their imagination and immersion in the theatrical or cinematic world. Costumes help create a visual representation of the character, adding depth and authenticity to their performances. They contribute to the overall experience of storytelling, making it more engaging and exciting for both the actors themselves and the audience.

  • transformation: hóa thân, biến đổi
  • step into the shoes of (idiom): đặt vào vị trí của ai đó
  • immersion in the theatrical or cinematic world: hòa mình vào thế giới sân khấu hoặc điện ảnh.

5. What are the differences between actors or actresses who earn much and those who earn little?

I suppose the elements such as talent, experience, popularity, market demand, and negotiating skills can all influence an actor or actress’s earnings. A star who is more established or successful in the industry usually commands higher fees and is more in demand for certain types of roles, while up and coming stars may earn less. An actor’s pay can also be affected by factors like the size and scope of the production, the budget, and the distribution.

  • negotiating skills : kỹ năng đàm phán 
  • established : thành danh
  • up and coming stars: những ngôi sao đang lên

6. What are the differences between acting in a theatre and that in a film?

I see a big difference between performing in a theatre and in a movie. Live performances in theatre require actors to project their voices, convey emotions, and respond to audience reactions. It offers unique energy and spontaneity, with each performance being different. On the other hand, film acting involves multiple takes and a more controlled environment. Actors need to adapt their performances to suit the camera, working with close-ups, subtle expressions, and nuanced delivery. Film acting allows for increased precision and multiple takes to capture the desired performance. The technical aspects, such as lighting, cinematography, and editing, play a significant role in the final portrayal of the character on screen.

  • project their voices, convey emotions, and respond to audience reactions: thể hiện giọng nói của họ, truyền tải cảm xúc và đáp lại phản ứng của khán giả
  • unique energy and spontaneity: năng lượng độc đáo và tự nhiên

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