IELTS Writing Task 2 – An increasing number of people work from home these days

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 300 – An increasing number of people work from home these days

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

An increasing number of people work from home these days and stay in touch with their office using computer technology.

What are the effects on employees of working from home?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:

Nowadays, thanks to development in the cyber-space, some people are able to do their job from home. This method can be useful in some aspects. I think they can save not only their money, but they can raise their safety and improve their family relationships too.


Obviously, this types of careers are far economical than working in the office. Paying for public transportation tickets or private vehicle gas, people have to spend several hundreds of dollars each month to commute between their home and workplace; however, those working from home do not spend this money and can save it. For example, my brother, who works for a mobile company in Australia, has to pay almost $300 per month to travel from his apartment to his workplace located in downtown, while he would not pay it when his employer permitted him to work from home, and he would save over $3500 annually.


Another reason is that this method is far safer than the working in the office. Had not many electronic engineers had to travel between their home and the company they are working, they would not have been injured or even died because of road accidents. Many of them have to use their private car to reach their destination, and unfortunately because of sudden car accidents their lives have been jeopardized.


Lastly, this method can improve family relationships. Clearly, this group of employees usually stay longer hours a day in their house and are definitely longer time in contact with their spouse or children than the ones working in the outside home. In this way, a friend of mine who his office is a room inside of his house can have closer communication with his children because he can monitor his children’s activities, including their study or playing, and he is more familiar with his wife’s personality than a similar personnel who have to work more than eight hours a day in his workplace.


In conclusion, those working from home can gain more advantages than the ones working from office. I believe that the former usually spend less money for their transportation, are harmed less by car accidents and have more mutual relations with their family members. It is a perfect plan if governments popularize this type of jobs fundamentally.


Model Answer 2:

Technology is the inevitable part in our life in the current scenario. One cannot think of a situation where there is absence of technology. As a matter of fact, technology is that ‘moral fabric’ which binds the humans together.

Due to the technological advancement/development, there have been instances where human race has benefitted and also has been at the receiving end.

One of the technologies which have cut across all the ages of mankind is, the Computer Technology. The concept of ‘work from home’, ‘flexible timing’ are nothing but the by-products of this ever changing, revolutionary but useful technology.

‘Work from home’ and ‘Flexible timings’ situations provide the people (read employees) to balance their office as well as personal work. Furthermore, with the help of computer technology, the employees are also able to be in constant touch with their office, from the comfort of their homes.

This not only increases the productivity of the employees but also enhances their belongingness and commitment towards their organization. However, due to computer technology, the employees are approachable throughout the day and sometimes even during odd hours. This may, though not quite often, lead to breach of privacy, which ultimately results in low productivity by the employee.

However, much depends on the environment and mental attitude of the employee. As, the same boiling water which hardens the egg also softens the potato, similarly there are different effects of this computer technology on different employees.

A recent case, which was published in the last week edition of a well known newspaper, had been an eye opener for working professionals who, though, work from home but stay in touch with their employer due to this computer technology.

Due to the work pressure of year closing an employee, who used to work from home over his laptop, of XUA Company didn’t have ample rest for a week. As a result of this, the employee had to pay for his life due to the accident which occurred while driving his family for a late night movie.

Model Answer 3:

Nowadays, there are more people who work from home and get connected to their workplace using the internet technology. The trend brings benefits for both employees and employers, and the following essay will discuss about it in details.

It is a fact that with the existence of internet technology and portable computer, employees could get connected to their office’s server and can do their tasks.  As they have connected to their company’s network, they could read and reply some emails or enter the office’s working program. Besides that, they could communicate with their colleagues using chatting facilities such as Skype or instant messenger; therefore they are updated with the latest information in the office.

It is obvious that this advance technology brings mutual benefits for both workers and companies. The advantage for employees is that, when they could not go to the workplace due to some unexpected events, they could still be productive by working from their home. From the employer’s point of view, the existence of this technology has been positively affected to their cost. Many companies hire employees to work from their home, as it reduce the space rental fee and save the electricity cost as well. Besides that, these companies do not have to provide transportation allowance as well for their employees.

In conclusion, it is true the trend of people working from home using online technology is increasing these days. They could connect to their office’s network and do their tasks from home. This development brings advantages for both the worker and the company; as it reduces the idle time of the worker, and save the company’s expenses.

Model Answer 4:

As the use of internet is becoming relevant and faster these days, many companies have sorted to let their employees work at home and stay in communication with their office. This set-up has huge positive effects to the employers and employees as it save a lot of time and money in the long run. This practice is becoming popular in many modern companies which are using computers to run their projects.


Working at home can save time as the employees do not need to travel long hours just to get to the office. This is a big advantage, especially if the company is far from home or if the company is based overseas. For example; people working in construction, medical transcriptionists, language tutorials and call centers can just submit their works through different internet based sites such as; Dropbox, Hightail, Yousendit and etc. As a result great amount of time is saved in the process.


On the other hand, working off-shores can also save money since companies do not have to rent big offices and they can minimize the use of electricity, water and other important resources in running a business. They just need to invest on high-technologically servers which in the end will be a great asset. These servers can also be accessed remotely by IT managers anytime that they want.


As a conclusion, computer technology has a great importance and has big effects to save time and money if companies know how to take advantage of it. By offering off-shore works, companies and employees can now work hand in hand for having a productive environment while having close communications, and at the same time will add to company’s growth and success to this computer era.


Model Answer 5:

Thanks for technological advancements – Information Technology and modern electronic gadgets facilitate to perform several jobs at home settings. These advancements immensely help to the employees in various ways. The life changing concept ‘work at home’ gives various economic and personal allowances to workers and assist them to makes their life a festival.


Firstly, work from home tremendously reduces the transportation cost of employees to and from the office settings. To be more precise, traveling expenses, that is a big burden for many employees, can be significantly reduced by online work. Besides, this money can be mobilised to some other purposes which make the life a cake walk. Recent statistical department’s survey reveals that the people work from home settings can be saved extra 35% from their salary by avoiding transportation expenses.


Secondly, working parents get ample time to look after their children at home. In other words upbringing of the children, which is always considered as a tough nut to crack, is easing by this new work culture. In addition, employees get plenty of time to spend with their children that is necessary for kid’s overall development. Recent WHO report indicates that the parents work from home are more successful to fulfil children’s need than parents work at office settings.

To sum-up, work from home concept and trend positively affect all class of workers in many ways. They get not only financial benefits but also get good amount of time with their family. These new work culture is really a boon for many people especially for employed parents in several ways.

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